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How To Track/Monitor Someone’s Phone Calls With Your Phone

Do you know you can easily track the communication activities of somebody close to you or a person you’re investigating by easily dialing a simple code? Yes you can!

You can easily track the calls made to your friend’s line by simply dialing a code on his phone and adding your phone number. This particular feature is very important and helpful to our everyday activities as it aids investigation, confirmation of a suspicion or gives evidence for a case yet to be proven.

This is just one of the ICT hacks I will update you guys with on a regular basis under the category Quick Tips” so this is the third episode of the Quick Tips, enjoy it now as it is knowledge packed.

How to Monitor/Track the Calls of Another Person;👇

👉 First of all make sure your own device is on and fully charged as calls meant for the said target would be forwarded to you.

👉 Pick up the person’s phone whether your partner, brother or friend and make sure too that the person’s battery is fully or averagely charged.

👉 Notwithstanding the network the person is using or kind of phone he’s using all you have to do is dial the following code;

👉 Dial **67*174*add your number and # then you send. You can also alternatively dial **61*your phone number # and send as both of them processes and activates this trick.

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👉 When you are done, simply pick up another phone entirely ie. and call the line of the person you are tracking his call activities and once the call arrives it would also land in your own phone. Take note too that you are not to pick up the call first, simply wait for the target to pick up his or her phone before you do and then you start listening to their conversation as the third party.

👉 Please before doing this, get the approval of the person as this has a bad history.

However if you want to cancel or stop monitoring the person’s call simply dial ##61# or ##67# and send.

Words used; Target[ the person you’re tracking]

You; The person planning to track the target]

Note; this post is not meant to be violated or used wrongly by people, it’s only for academic and awareness purposes and shouldn’t be used to either perpetrate harm or trick another individual as it can result to violence and issues that may be out of control. Gistrealz has the full right to her content and doesn’t have anything to do with how the contents are used by the readers. Be safe. 

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