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How To View Any Hidden/Private Number With Your Phone

It’s usually annoying to receive a call from a private number or hidden number because you are in the long run unable to call back the person and as such it feels as if you’re speaking with a ghost. I’m sure all of us using mobile or Android phones have once received such a call and the funny thing is that we’ve also called someone using a private number.

But today I’m going to burn the cable of all those hiding number to call other people as I’ll be showing you how to know the hidden number or the person calling you. Just cross your fingers and keep reading this article as it’s gonna get interesting along the line.

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There are two methods of doing this and the two methods are very effective;👇

1. Long process

2. Short process

Long process; this is a more difficult price but it’s the most effective as you get to catch the person red handed without excuse, and it’s very quick as you can catch the person immediately the person calls.

Short process; this requires the use of a short code and the fortunate thing is that it’s the shortest method but it’s doesn’t produce instant result sometimes.

How to View a Hidden or Private Number Using the Long Process;👇
👉 First of all you need to make sure your phone battery is charged because it’s going to be a funny experience.

👉 Secondly, you need to go to the contacts you think maybe doing this to you i.e. hiding numbers to call you and assign them with pictures and special ring tones.

👉 I am sure you know how to assign ringtones to contacts individually.

👉 Now when you’re done assigning pictures and sounds to the contact you suspect could be hiding number to call you, just wait for the unknown number call again.

If the person hiding number to call you is that person you assigned image and ringtone to, the next time he or she calls you even with a hidden number the call will arrive with the assigned image and ringtone. That means the person has been discovered.

How to View Hidden/Private Number Using the Short Process;👇

👉 To view a private number, just wait for atleast 20minutes after receipt of such call. Then you press *#30# and send, then number will show on your phone screen afterwards.

In some cases it can take up to 24hours before it will show the number.
This is the easiest and shortest method to viewing a hidden number or Private Number. Enjoy!

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