See How to Send Free Call Me Back SMS on Your GLO SIM

Glo is one of the major networks in Nigeria with an estimate of 42million subscribers with the highest number of data subscribers in the country.

This is as a result of their wonderful data offers and giveaways, that aside though let’s go straight to the purpose of making this post which is to show you how to send free call me back sms on Glo. 

I’m sure very few of us know that Glo has the call me back sms offer on their network, the moment I saw it I was surprised as well which means you’re not alone in your situation.

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How To Send Free Call Me Back SMS on Glo👇

I am aware that very many if not all of us know the importance of call me SMS as it can save you a huge stress in a situation you lack airtime and have an urgent call to make. It’s serves a form of communication and alerts the receiver that you want him or her to call you back… Below is how the SMS will look in the phone of the target or receiver

👉 To send the call me back sms on Glo you just have to dial a simple code;

👉 Dial *125*recipients number # and send, for example the receivers phone number is 08070000000 you just have to dial *125*08070000000# and send. That’s all the receiver will receive a message telling him or her to call you back.

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