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Quick Tips: Open a Standard GTbank Account With Your Phone In 5 Minutes

Technology has made activities related to the internet easier and affordable. This we have all experienced and seen in our everyday life, this technological advancement has also played out in a big way in the banking sector. Technological advancement has made it that credit and debit facilities can be done anywhere. Thats the topic of another day, I am here today to show you something you perhaps know or have heard severally from other sources… This post is here therefore to serve as a reminder, you can now check your Bank Verification Number (BVN) easily with your mobile or android phone as you dont need anyother thing apart from the USSD Code that will be given in this article.

This is part four of the quick tips I will be posting on a daily basis on this blog for you to remain informed because it is said that if one is not informed he or she is deformed.

How to Check Your BVN With a USSD Code

  First of all ensure you have up-to N20 in your account balance notwithstanding the network provider as it works on all networks.

⇉ Dial *565*0# to check your BVN easily as it will be displayed on your Phone Screen.

⇉  You can also view your BVN alternatively by dialing *565# but ensure you have up-to N20 in your account.

How To Open A GTBank Account With Your Phone 
With this code you dont need to go to the bank or pick a form if you want to open a GTbank account as it can be done easily at home.

To create a GTBank account with your phone just dial *737*0# and select open account with BVN details as shown in the image below. but before embarking on this write down your BVN on a sheet of paper as you will be required to enter the BVN. But if you dont know your BVN just dial the code stated above and get your BVN then you proceed with the registration/opening of the account.
Once you enter your BVN, you can now proceed with other information. With this procedure you don;t have to stress yourself in the name of opening an account.

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