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Beeline Russia Unlimited Free Internet Cheat via Slow DNS

Here comes a new free browsing cheat for Beeline Users in Russia powered by Slow DNS VPN. With this setting and VPN Beeline Users can enjoy seamless surfing of the web for free 100%. All you need to do is to follow the instructions led down in this article strictly to avoid mistakes.
Free Browsing cheats or Free Internet is as a result of loopholes discovered in ISPs and therefore can stop working at anytime if the said ISP discovers the loophole and correct it.

This free internet is powered by Slow DNS VPN as i have already stated and the VPN has certain features that might be of interest to you;

Features of Slow DNS VPN

⟹ A tunnel guru tunneling app

⟹ A host of several servers

⟹ It has a simple GUI

⟹ Slow in connection with the free plan.

Requirements for Beeline Russia Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat via Slow DNS VPN

⟹ A Moov Benin Sim card with zero data and credit or airtime

⟹ An android smartphone, IOS or PC

⟹ The slow DNS VPN which can be downloaded from HERE

⟹ The Configuration settings below

Slow DNS settings for Beeline Russia Unlimited Free Internet – pay close attention

First of all you need to install Slow DNS VPN and launch it/ open it.

Use the below settings to configure your Slow DNS for free internet

Username and password = Leave that part i.e. leave it the way it is.

Server = Select any free server of your choice.

DNS Server = TunnelGuru.DNS.server or alternatively use

Select Null

Lport = 1000 Rport = 80

Keep changing connection port = Tick

Binary Query = Tick

Click on Connect finally and wait for some minutes for it to connect and then start rocking the Beeline Russia Unlimited Free Internet


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