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BuzzBreak Review: Earn as much as $10 Reading News and Other Simple Activities


Its a bright new day and each day that passes we work towards achieving the goal we had in mind before launching this website. Though our free browsing cheats have been cut short in a severe way, our target is still to make our visitors happy. One of our categories is Online Schemes” here we work towards letting you know about the latest money making schemes that one can do with his or her phone online with no qualification other than to have data and a smartphone. That aside though, today is a bright new day and after series of investigations and researches I have discovered a new online money making Application called BuzzBreak” for my old visitors I am sure it sounds familiar because i have once posted it here before but it got deleted due to the subsequent updates and refreshes done on the website, whats more? BuzzBreak is not the same old program we use to know as it has been worked on greatly. You can now comfortably earn some cents on a daily basis if you have a Paypal account.

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Whats BuzzBreak?

BuzzBreak is an Online earning Application that displays news and entertainment gists to users from top websites around the world and in turn reward users for reading these news and gists. Its an application similar to Opera News but unlike Opera news it rewards users with some points which can in turn be redeemed as cash.

Though the earnings on Buzzbreak is relatively poor, its still a wonderful way of earning during your leisure time as you can gently and slowly accumulate some cents that can be withdrawn straight to your paypal account (Lesotho paypal).

How to Earn on BuzzBreak?

There are certain steps to be followed before you can start earning on Buzzbreak, which are;

First of all you need to dwnload the BuzzBreak News Application From HERE 

When you are done downloading, simply fill in the sign up form, please dont use your social accounts as that would prevent you from getting the 15,000 Points welcome bonus.

You will then be shown options to earn out of which you will see Enter a Referral code to get 1000 points; just enter B04417821 as the referral code and get extra 1000 points.

Like i stated earlier, if you want to earn maximum from BuzzBreak there are certain guidelines you need to follow which are:

. You can refer others, i.e. tell them to use your referral code and per person you get rewarded with as much as 15,000 points depending on your level…  below is a breakdown of all the levels;

Level 1 : 9000 points per referral 

Level 2: 10000 points per referral

Level 3: 11000 points per referral

Level 4: 12000 points per referral

Level 5: 15000 points per referral

Increasing in level depends on your level of activity i.e. your referring activity.

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There are other ways of earning on BuzzBreak:

Logging in every day = 600 Points per day

Watching video ad every hour = 1000 points per day

Referring others = 9000-15000 points depending on your level

Reading News = 100 points per news read

Promotional ways of earning on BuzzBreak  

Share BuzzBreak in a group that has more than 50 particpants and get 10000 points

Follow BuzzBreak on Facebook and get 3000 points

Follow BuzzBreak on Messenger and get 3000 points

That’s all about how to earn more points on BuzzBreak

How to Go About Withdrawal and the minimum withdrawal amount on BuzzBreak

Before you are allowed to withdraw you must have gotten upto 20,000 points which i s not so difficult to attain as you can even get upto the minimum withdrawal same day you downloaded the BuzzBreak Application if you follow and do all I have instructed you to do.

20,000 points is equivalent to 0.02 dollars, i.e. when you withdraw you get 0.02 sent to your Paypal account. But don’t worry, even if the cash equivalent is very poor you can get upto that amount in a day.

That all you have to know about BuzzBreak Earning Application, Enjoy!

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