Requirements For Google Adsense Approval: Practices You Must Know

Some people are enjoying Google Adsense while some are still running here and there looking or Google Adsense alternatives, which in the long run cant serve or pay as much as Google Adsense. As the saying goes; If its not Google Adsense it cant be as good as Adsense. Some Bloggers are unable to get adsense not because they don’t have quality content or because they scrape contents like other Bloggers would say, but its because they are simply uninformed as to the requirements of Google Adsense or simply what Google Adsense Requires from Publishers before they are even considered for Approval.

In this post, I am going to state the requirements for Google Adsense Approval, just keep reading this article keenly to get the information you want;

Minimum Requirements for Google Adsense Approval

Due to my experience so far with Google Adsense I have listed down some major requirements for Google Adsense approval;

  • Valid Email Address
  • You Should have a Website/Blog or an Application
  • Your Website or Blog must be Active
  • Your Website/Blog Must be atleast 6months old
  • Website must have a valid URL
  • Your website must have quality content.
  • The language on your blog must be a supported language for Adsense
  • Page speed
  • Required Pages

Valid Email Address: This is the first requirement you need if you must be a google AdSense publisher as you have to apply with an email address, a valid one at that. All feedbacks from Google will go straight to your email inbox and also payment information will still be forwarded to the mail. Your email address on Google Adsense is your Identity and as such the absence would automatically mean no Adsense account for you.

You should have a Website or Application: This is a compulsory requirement as Adsense is just an advertising network that displays ads on websites and Applications. So before you start thinking of having google adsense you must have a website/blog or an Application which you plan to monetise with the adsense. If you dont have a website or Application you have no business with ad networks let alone Google Adsense.

Your Website/Blog Must Be Active: Before approval into Google Adsense network your webiste must be an active website with updated and fresh content. With the absence of this, getting approval into adsense program would be a difficult task as Google Adsense Review specialists checks the last time your website was updated before approving your application. This is done because of Google Adsense policy of displaying ads on websites that add value to users and a website with outdated or irregularly update content cant added the required value to users or visitors.

Your Website Must be Atleast 6 Months Old: this is not always true especially for a country like ours, you can get Adsense approval with a day old domain name or url as google placed this particular restriction for bloggers in countries such as India etc. So this is a requirement for Adsense but not in the case of Nigerian Bloggers.

Your Website Must Have a Valid URL: The website you intend to display adsense ads on must have a valid URL, either your self hosted domain name or a hosted account from google which is any other url apart from the aforementioned wont be accepted into the Google Adsense community. The url of your website must also be accessible as just being a URL doesn’t qualify it to be approved by Google. The url must also be accessible by users for you to get Adsense approval as its a must have requirement in Adsense.

Your Website must have Quality Content: Quality content has been defined severally by diffrent bloggers, but the general definition of quality content on website is a content that is lengthy, meaningful and informative. So to get Adsense approval you must have a website that hosts quality content not just any rubbish content. This is one of the highest criteria to be met before Google Adsense Review specialist recommend your website for approval.

The Language on Your Website or App must be Adsense Supported: All languages on your website must be English or any other supported languages on google Adsense to avoid being disapproved.

Page Speed: Your website cant be approved if its loading speed is like that of a snail because before you are approved your site needs to be optimized and its load speed should be very ok. Not just for google adsense specialists but for your potential users. This is a requirement you must meet to have google adsense ads on your webiste.

Necessary Pages: There are certain pages that you as publisher needs to add to your website to enable  you get adsense approval. these pages is a must add if you care for adsense approval; These pages are:

Disclaimer page, Privacy Policy, Contact page, About us page. These are the main pages your website must have to be approved on Google adsense as they make your website look more professional and authoritative.

That all for the minimum requirements for Google Adsense Approval, Enjoy and don’t forget to drop a comment.

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