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JumiaOne: Fund Your Nairabet Account Directly Using The Betting Payment Facility

JumiaOne application have also added another mind blowing offer to the numerous services they offer. You know JumiaOne recently introduced the Loaning feature which enabled JumiaOne users to collect loans and payback without collateral nor compulsory pay back date.  Today JumiaOne also introduced Betting payment facility in their application’s features.  Now betlovers can now fund their nairabet accounts for betting directly from the JumiaOne Application

Without further ado,  let me just go straight to the procedures to be followed to fund your Nairabet account to enable you place bets and win money; 👇👇

To fund your account, follow these easy steps:o

Download the Jumia One App on your Android or ios device.

👉 Locate the Betting Icon under the Food, Travel and Entertainment segment.

👉 Click on it and it automatically selects the Nairabet Icon.

👉 Input your Nairabet Username.

👉 Input the amount you want to fund your account with.

👉 Click on proceed to pay.

👉 Confirm your details and click on Continue to Pay.

👉 Click on Pay Now to complete payment.

Once this is done, your Nairabet wallet would be funded instantly and you’ll be ready to bet as you go.  Enjoy! 

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