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How To Earn More Than N10,000 Playing Games On Chopbarh Application

Do you believe you can earn money online by doing things that you normally do for free offline? If you don’t believe, then you better start believing because it’s 100% possible with an application known as Chopbarh

With the mention of the name Chopbarh I’m sure you are wondering what the name implies and what it’s for… Worry no more just keep reading this post and you’ll be satisfied.

What is Chopbarh?
Chopbarh in Nigeria means Eat Money” the Chop means Eat while the Barh means money.
Chopbarh is a gambling application that rewards users with cash for playing games online; Ludo, Whot etc. with other users of the application and if you win you get cash reward. Since it’s gambling, you stake any amount you want to play with and the people you are playing with also stake their own money of which the winner of the game Chops the whole cash i.e. assuming 6players play Whot and stake N100 each and if you win you get credited with all their cash which means you’ll go home with N600 including your own initial stake.

Chopbarh is a good way of earning money online doing things you love doing and you would have done for free. And if you are an expert in the aforementioned games then you are good to go as you can make as much as N10,000 on the Chopbarh application and withdrawal is forwarded to your local bank account straight without delays. 
Where to Download Chopbarh App from?
You can download Chopbarh App from Google playstore or from HERE [straight from their website]

After downloading Chopbarh app, simply register by filling the sign up form and create your personal identification number [PIN] and boom you are done with the registration and you officially have a Chopbarh account. 

How to Fund your Chopbarh Account
When you login to your Chopbarh account select Manage funds” and then tap on deposit button to fund with your 🏧 ATM card or with a recharge card. That’s all then you start playing games with people and make real cash online.

Chopbarh is a Nigerian application that you can enjoy instead of constantly wasting your money on bet shops. Though the Chopbarh application is a gambling app but it’s an advanced version of gambling and you get instant cash once you win.

Enjoy and if you have any question kindly drop in the comment box below! Enjoy!
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