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This morning MTN woke me up with a wonderful message that I have been rewarded with free 100MB data for this month on the MyMTN App and also some other people around me also got the free data, so i thought it wise to inform you of the free MTN 100MB data offer.

MTN is here yet again with another bonus offer that rewards customers that rewards customers with free 100mb data for using the MyMTN Application. Though this is a thing of luck I still believe you should still try it out. Just keep reading this post to learn more about this MTN Free 100MB data offer.

Eligibility Criteria:
You don’t have to do anything to become eligible for the free data as its selected randomly by MTN. But you can try it out if your sim is active i.e. in terms of recharging and buying data, this has nothing to do with not being active on the network as both active and inactive subscribers get the data.. Though mostly active ones from my observation.

How to Know If You Are Eligible For The MTN Free Data offer

  • If you are eligible for the MyMTN Free 100MB data bonus you will get an SMS from MTN prompting you to download the MyMTN App because you have won 100Mb free on the App. This is an assurance that you have gotten the free data.
  • Also you can simply check it yourself to confirm if you have gotten the free data because I have observed that almost all sims are eligible for the free 100MB. So what you just have to do if you didn’t get the SMS is to login to the MyMTN App and check if you will see the offer, below is a screenshot of how the alert will show on your MyMTN App.

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