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How to Activate Free N50 Data Subscription Using Flaim Messaging Application

Do you remember Flaim App? The social messaging application that rewarded new users with Free 500Naira subscription on any etwork upon registration and downloading of their Android application. They are here again as always with a little data offer that aims at encouraging those that download their application.

Flaim is currently giving away free N50 subscription to users that downloads and registers on their network within this period, so if you feel like getting this free N50 sub on your network just keep reading this post to grab the little information.
How to Activate the N50 Subscription From Flaim App
1. First of all download the Flaim APK from HERE
2. Secondly, sign up with your phone number and then wait for some seconds for your otp once it arrives, enter it in the box provided for it and immediately your phone enunber gets verified you will be credited with the N50 subscription straight to the number you registered with. At this point you can either choose to finalise your registration or quit.

That’s all, you need to get your free N50 subscription. Enjoy!

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