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How to Make More Than N5000 on Survey On The Go Program

Answering surveys have always been a way of making passive income at the comfort of your home and today after some researches and evaluation I’ve come up with a new Survey Program that pays users for honest review and suggestions on Entertainment, shopping, lifestyle experiences and much more. Making money has never been easier with this program.

This website has always been a key informant as regards making money with survey, referral and read news get paid programs, so it can’t be a strange thing to you if you’re a vlco syant visitor of this website.

Back to the topic of the day, today I bring to you a SURVEY Program that rewards users for their reviews, suggestions, ideas regarding companies, shopping, lifestyle, entertainment experiences and events. The Survey program that we bring to your doorstep today is known as/called Survey On The Go Program [SOTG] and it offers the above stated services to users of the Application.

What is Surveys To Go Program?

Surveys On The Go is a SURVEY Program that rewards users like I’ve already stated for their shopping experience, entertainment choices etc. which are either used by companies for the improvement of their products and services to people. Surveys On The Go is specifically for US. Citizens and as such prospective users in other states can only participate in the program with a VPN.
The VPN changes your IP address to that of USA and automatically qualifies you to use this survey application. sequel to the above statement you can only participate in this survey program by making use of a VPN that have USA servers, VPN like [IP Varnish, Tweaknews, Nord VPN, Windscribe VPN and anyother one that have US servers].

If you downloaded Tweaknews VPN just use the below details to loginπŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

 *Username* : tw2096677 and 
 *Password* : @Vpnarena1

How to Participate in Survey On The Go Program?

1. First of all you need to download the survey on the Go Application for Android or iOS by clicking HERE.

2. After downloading the mobile application you just have to either sign up or use your Facebook account to sign in to the application, don’t worry your account is safe. .

3. Be guided that before you set up or sign in to the program, you have to set up/connect your VPN to USA servers to avoid exposing yourself.

4. When you’re done with the registration, you’ll be shown two surveys, of which you’ll be asked about yourself make sure you answer carefully and then you’ll be rewarded with $1 total for the immediate welcome surveys.

That’s all you need to get going, just check for surveys every day with your VPN connected and your GPS on i.e. location and notifications on so that you don’t miss out on any survey.

Facts About Survey On Go Program

1. Survey on the Go Program doesn’t give surveys all the time and they easily screen out people from surveys, that’s why it’s advisable never to rush surveys. Take it slow, answer carefully.

2. They don’t send surveys always like I said but their surveys are high paying surveys i.e. minimum of $1.50 most times.

3. Do research before answering surveys to avoid been screened out.

Guides to Successful Survey Participation in Survey on the Go Program

– Enter Age 35+ and household income 150k$ – 200k$
-Total annual income $250k
– Always select full time worker
-Your profession: IT, banking/financial, healthcare, Engineering, Energy/Utility
– Your position in job should be C level, VP, director, senior manager or manager
– Always choose married + kids (two kids at best)
– Your organization annual revenue $500m to $1b.

– Ethnicity : White, Caucasian
– Finish Your First survey quickly so that you become eligible for subsequent daily surveys.
Withdrawal can be done through alot of ways one of which is PayPal so make sure you open either a Lesotho paypal acct or UAE PayPal acct… [$10 minimum withdrawal]

Don’t miss this Survey On The Go Program, as it’s one of the best things so far. Happy New year in advance lovelies.
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