How To Get Free 50Naira Airtime Recharge From Flom Messaging Application

Some days ago I shared a post on how to get free N500 Airtime by just downloading and registering on the Flom Application. This promo was very brief though because it was targeted at rewarding new users who download the app when it’s still in it’s beta stage. The promo ended and they introduced a miniaturized version of it, of which people that download the Flom Application, register and give a feedback will be rewarded with an instant N50 airtime.


1. A smartphone

2. The Flom Messaging and Utility Application

3. Data that will enable you register on the application.

How to Activate the Free N50 Airtime on Any Network for free from Flom Application

1. Download the Flom App from Playstore.

2. You now sign up by entering your phone number with the exclusion of 0 because the +234 already replaces the 0.

3. After sign up you’ll get a message displaying your verification code, this they implemented to make sure only genuine users register on their platform

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4. Tap on the more options button and select send feedback“, now all you have to do is give them a feedback regarding the application you donwloaded, what you want/expect from it and what you like about the app and then submit to get the free N50 airtime recharge.

How to Accumulate the Free N50 Airtime

You can actually accumulate this airtime if you have many sims, to do this you just have to donwload Parallel Space App” from playstore or from HERE

After downloading the parallel space app, add Flom and then sign up with your second number, follow the above process to get the free N50 Airtime on your second sim you don’t have to uninstall the app after this.

If you still want to continue, open the parallel space and long press on the Flom App until remove option shows up, then you drag it to the delete option to delete it from parallel space see screenshot below

When you’re done with the removal from parallel space, just tap on add app again and still select Flom, repeat the process and get another N50 airtime but in different sims. This particular accumulation works well if you have many sims…

This how to get free N50 airtime recharge from Flom Application Enjoy!

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