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Solve Slow Referral Bonus Approval Issues on Metowork And Cash Out Your Earnings Now

Some Months Ago I posted a refer and earn website known as Metowork that pays a user N200 per referral that registers through his or her referral link.

This post is not trying to dispute this because Metowork is really paying and legit but the only problem referrers face in the long run is Referral Bonus Approval“. Metowork is very slow when it comes to referral bonus approval and i believe they do this to curb fraudulent activities on their platform whilst keeping to their own end of the bargain. This slow approval of referral bonus has made many people think the program is scam but today I have discovered what I will call a solution to this slow approval of bonuses you might be facing on Metowork.

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How to Fasten The Approval of Your Referral Bonuses on Metowork

I must say that it is a wonderfully frustrating feeling when  after stressing yourself to refer people into a program with the hope that you will be paid a certain amount of money or airtime as the case maybe and you end end up not getting the incentive you were initially promised. That’s why i decided to do some investigations on the Metowork program and I am happy to have finalized the little research and if it doesn’t work for you then you have to visit your village shrine for forgiveness.

Though this is a solution I have researched and worked on for some time it doesn’t guarantee that once done all your bonuses will turn green and you start cashing out endlessly like its a bank”, this simple fix will enable you get considered for approval by the “Metowork Administrators“. Without wasting much of your time, let me just go straight to the reason you are perusing this particular article.

The Fix Can Be Applied in Three ways:

⟹Now to fasten the approval of your bonuses on Metowork be it self referrals or real referrals go to the page you advertised the Metowork referral program and encourage them to login to their Metowork accounts on a daily basis or at least more frequently to enable you get their bonuses approved faster. I observed that the Admin. of Metowork is working with this particular algorithm and as such if your referrals registered, verified their email address same day and since then abandoned the system… the bonus you received for such a person will most likely be ignored.

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⟹This particular fix works best if most of your referrals are still your accounts, you just have to pen down the details of your self referrals and login to them using a different browser to fasten the approval of your bonuses.

⟹Another way is if your referrals also know how the system works and start referring new people, your bonuses will just be approved swiftly without issues or delay.

Does Metowork Actually Pay?

This particular question has been asked severally but with the slow approval of bonuses on Metowork most people have concluded that Metowork is just one online scam that doesn’t fulfill its promises to users. Permit me to inform you however that Metowork pays big time, unlike read news get paid program once your bonuses turn approved and you cash out; your money is certainly going to arrive within 24hours.

From my experience too, Metowork is 100% real.

You can register on Metowork by clicking HERE, don’t watch others cash out while you sleep.

Happy Christmas Lovelies!!

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