GLO Data Sharing: Easiest Way to Share and Unshare Data Plans

Some months ago I shared a post on how to share data on MTN and I believe it has helped those in need of data to easily ask for data from their friends and family. Today I am going to share how to share, unshare and check the numbers sharing data subscription with you on the GLO Network, just sit tight and grab the information because its for your own good.

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How To Share Your Data Subscription on GLO

Since we have been blessed with unlimited free browsing cheat on GLO this season, we are sometimes asked by our friends or family members to share the love with them to; so to share data or link your GLO data subscription with a friend or family member you just have to dial a simple USSD Code.

  • Dial *127*01*Phonenumber# and automatically your data subscription will be shared to the persons line which means that as long as you are online with your data the person too will be enjoying the same love. 

Immediately you dial the above code with the person’s Glo number included, you have automatically shared your data subscription with him or her.

How to Unshare Your Data Subscription on GLO

Sometimes we share data and forget to unshare the person we shared the data to. This is most common on the GLO network because they dont prompt you or disconnect the person when you have eventually exhausted your data bundle. In the case where the person doesn’t inform you or you don’t remember just dial the below code to unshare the number.

  •  Dial *127*02*phonenumber# to unshare the person and automatically the person loses further right or ability to use your data subscription.
  • Alternatively you can use the SMS procedure, just go to your messages and enter 127 as the recepient, then you send “Remove Phonenumber” and send. Example; Remove 08050000000 to 127 and then wait for the next sms from 127 confirming the data unsharing.  

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 How To View The Numbers Sharing/Linked to Your Data Bundle on GLO
If you believe your data is reducing more than expected, it could mean that somebody is using your data without you knowing. sometimes since no pin is required or no confirmation, somebody might just pick up your phone and link your data subscription to his or her line and you end up working while Baboon will be chopping” to view the numbers sharing data subscription with you just;
  • Dial *127*00# and all the GLO numbers you are sharing your data with will be displayed on your screen, just scrutinize and remove the illegal one or the one you didn’t add yourself.
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