Reasons Why Blogging For Money is The Worst Mistake You Ever Made

Blogging is a career on its own and as such if you as an intending blogger is to do well you need to throw away the ideology that Blogging is a quick money making scheme. Some people perceive blogging and bloggers as millionaires or that they are making money so much but I want to tell you the clear truth now, you can only be good at blogging if you pursue it like a passion.

If I am asked one of the hardest work ever I will say Blogging because if you jump into Blogging with the aim of making quick online money I guarantee you that it wont take you 6months before jumping out.

Due to the growing trend of Internet Advertising like Google Adsense etc. the number of Blogs on the Internet have skyrocketed or increased by almost 200% with more than half of them only after making the money without knowing that Blogging requires maximum persistence + passion + value = Money.

In the Blogosphere only the tough keeps going amidst difficulties and frustrations. There is no magic when it comes to being successful in blogging because you have to practice consistently coupled with doing SEO and posting regularly to keep your blog refreshed with “new blood”. When you blog for the money alone you eventually miss out on the experience and fun that blogging entails.
Below I highlighted some of the reasons why you shouldn’t blog for money;

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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Blog For Money 

  • Frustration: If you blog for money you will eventually get frustrated as you can blog for seven to 12 months without even making a dime. With resilience and passion you can earn after a year or years as the case maybe, so frustration is eminent if you blog for money alone. 
  •  Persistence: If you are not really matured as to sticking to one thing for as long as possible you might end up lacking or being confused as to what you are going to publish on your blog or niche to focus on.
  • Education: As a blogger you are expected to learn alot of new things ranging from SEO, ho to write engaging articles etc. all these require passion and persistence. So if you are not really there to impact or add value you will surely miss out on this.
  • Passion: This is what i always tell people that pay me to launch Blog for them, I always ask them to choose a Niche they have passion for. When you have passion for a niche or what you post, it means rich contents for your blog and since you have passion for what you write you will always willing to learn new things and share to users. But if you don’t have passion for a particular topic and maybe you jumped into it because its a profitable Niche” as mediocres always say, you will find out that in the long run you will not only be wasting your time and little resources but your normal lifestyle because if you are to be a good blogger you have to sometimes get addicted to your phone or PC. 

 Now having read this, I believe you are now aware of the dangers of dabbling into Blogging because of Money or the cash you are going to get from it. Happy Blogging!

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