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How To Bypass The “Application Not Available for Your Country Error” on Google Playstore

Hello Guys, Some days ago I shared a post on Zap Surveys app and alot of people experienced some challenges downloading the Zap Surveys App from Google playstore even after connecting to USA servers with Tweaknews VPN. So I thought it wise to share the steps you need to follow the bypass/ trick your way into downloading Applications not available for your country easily with or without a VPN. 

Google Play store is the largest and Official Android App store and Game store housing millions of games and Android Applications. Some developers do restrict users from specific countries from downloading their Applications either because the country has a high number of cyber criminals or the app has nothing to do with the country in question.

This has caused some disturbances especially for users in Nigeria that almost all survey apps restrict from partaking in their surveys. SO this little trick will help you to easily download Android apps and games not officially meant for your own country. Just keep reading this post because this information is top notch.

How to Download Android Applications Not Available For Download in Your Country

To Bypass this Google Play store Country restriction simply follow strictly all the instructions on this page;

1. First of all, you need to switch off your location/ GPS.

2. Now go to App drawer and long press Google Playstore, then tap on storage details.

3. Navigate to Storage or Data (depending on your Android Version) and tap on clear data or storage.

4. Now if you have a VPN you can connect it to USA or any other country that doesn’t share the restriction your own country is under. If you don’t have a strong VPN, kindly Download UFO VPN and connect to USA servers.

5. When you are done with this, just go back to playstore and search for the app that wasn’t available for your country, you will find out that it will now display the Install Button...

Just install the App and start rocking.. This is how to easily Bypass the Country restriction for App Download on Google Playstore.. Enjoy!!

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