How to Use Your GLO ON NET Bonuses To Call All Networks | GLO Call Cheat

Good day guys, while I was still running some tests on how to activate the new Glo 40 – 60GB cheat I discovered a new cheat that will be very be beneficial to people on the GLO network that make long calls or that use their phones majorly for call making.

From what you read above I believe you know where I’m driving at, I’ll still give you the benefit of doubt and tell you, I’ve discovered a new GLO call cheat that allows subscribers with Glo to Glo Bonuses to use the bonuses to call their loved ones and friends on all Networks.

It’s usually a tiring thing when, Glo rewards you with ON NET bonuses of which you might be the only one using Glo in your family… I’ve been in that shoe and in most cases we end up leaving the so called bonuses to expire and waste away but after reading this post it won’t waste away again because you’d be able to use the on net bonuses to call everyone… [ MTN, Airtel, 9mobile subscribers ].

Requirements For This Glo Call Cheat;
1. You need a mobile phone or Smart Phone. 
2. A Glo sim card with On Net call bonuses i.e. Glo to Glo bonuses. 
3. Ability to read and understand. 
How to Activate and Enjoy the New Glo Call Cheat;
First of all you have to be sure that you have Glo to Glo bonuses… You can check the whether you have it if you’re ok Yakata plan by dialing *310*1# while if you’re on jumbo you dial #122#. Just verify the code to check your Bonuses. 
2. When you have verified that, just dial 042 before the number you want to call and remove the 0 in front of the number. For example 04270802200223 and call. 
When you use the above procedure your calls will be charged from your Glo to Glo bonuses instead of your main balance.
Note: this is 100% real and tested by me, so enjoy but please don’t share it everywhere so that GLO won’t block it. Enjoy!!
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