How To Activate MTN Unlimited Airtime Cheat | 2020

If you are a call freak then this post is specially designed for you as it has to do with heavy callers on the MTN network.

I am sure you have heard about the MTN Unlimited call cheat other places and also seen some group admins and blog admins selling it to the participants in their group but after close investigation a conclusion was reached that it’s not a cheat per say because you have to recharge your phone and it would be totally pointless selling the procedures. 
Without wasting much time, I will just go straight to the point and let the cat out of the bag..
Requirements For the MTN Unlimited Call Cheat; 
1. An MTN Sim Card With N5000 Airtime.
2. A Mobile or Android Smartphone.
3. Must be on Beta Talk Tariff plan.
How to Activate the MTN Unlimited Call Cheat;
To activate the MTN Unlimited Call cheat you have to first of all send BT to 131 to migrate to MTN Beta Talk Plan… You must be on Beta Talk Tariff plan for the cheat to work. 

Secondly, you load 5000 Airtime from your bank account Preferably and immediately you will be rewarded with 12k airtime to call your friends and loved ones on all networks. [Mind you also, that you can retrieve your 5000 airtime by selling it to airtime to cash websites like, etc. and still have something close to your initial 5000 back. 
To check the balance dial *559*43#, note that you can accumulate more if you recharge more than 5000 though you can also go for lower packages.

How to Get Back Your Money After Activating the Cheat;

To get back your funds, you have to migrate to MTN ipulse to be able to transfer airtime first.

Then you visit, register an account and trade your 5000 Naira airtime for cash with them. I advice you to go for their services because they have the best rates.

But before migrating make sure you have used up the airtime bonus as migrating out if MTN beta talk plan means forfeiture of a.tje bonuses accumulated in the course of activating the cheat. Be careful!

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