4 Best Android Hacks and Tricks You Need to Know in 2020

Android is the most popular and veratile operating system or Smartphones as of now and it acccounts for 85% share of sales in the smartphone industry.
The main reason for this huge share of sales is because of its ability to be customized and also its flexibility and open source nature. Also worthy of mention is the millions and millions of App developers and Applications available for download and use.

As an android user you might feel the urge to explore the endless possibilities and features inherent in the android operating system thats why I have decided to compile and also bring to you 5 common but technical hacks of Android in 2020 that you cant afford to miss as an explorer and smartphone lover.

Below are some of the Android tricks or Hacks you need to know in 2020:

  1. Install Linux Operating System on Your Phone Without Rooting: You might be totlly surprised that yoiu can actually run the Linux operating system on your smartphone so let me boil the gg for you while you just sit and read: To do this you need Debian Noroot App, you can install Linux distribution Debian on your device and get a few utilitarian things done. It is a Linux based operating system that allows you to install apps like Libreoffice, Gimp and other open source software through APT (Advanced Package Tool).
  2. Tweak the Status Bar With System UI Tuner: This can be done if you are bored and wish to make your status bar more current and fun. You just have to enable the hidden settings menu called as “System UI Tuner” which can be done by holding the settings gear present in the Notification toggle menu. On doing the same, the gear icon will start rotating followed by a toast message confirming that System UI tuner has been enabled. Now, you will be able to see the System UI tuner menu in the settings app where you can specify what sort of icons you want to appear  in the status bar like indication for orientation, networks, headphones (this ain’t enabled by default on some phones), etc. You can further tweak extra settings for Do Not Disturb mode, notifications and Always On Display (if supported). 
  3. Track Your Android Smartphone: If you have ever lot your android smartphone then you will know how horrible an experience it is to lose your device, i have never lost my phone so i don;t know the feeling and i dont wish to anytime soon.. Notwithstanding, you can track your smartphone after its stolen or lost, and you entered/logged into your phone with your Gmail account then Google Find my Device is automatically on, all you have to do immediately the phone gets missing or stolen is to log on to with another device on Chrome or Firefox browser then log in with that same gmail account that was activley in your device before it got missing or stolen and you will be shown the exact place your device is located and further erase all data from your end or make it sound very loudly or block the device permanently to avoid it being formatted from your end. 

      4.  Improve Graphics in Games: this is another amazing hack that can be done with an android phone using Gtools (Graphics Optimizer App) This app requires root permissions to work and lets you get better performance on low end devices by tweaking as if you’re running a different processor. Also, you can tune in your graphics for better visuals and better dynamic range in games.

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