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How to Check Your Earnings on Opera News Hub as A Content Creator

I have received alot of messages from friends and people asking me how to check their Opera News Hub earnings and I must say it’s impossible to attend to the number of messages I have received, so I’m making a full post on how to check earnings on Opera News Hub platform as a content creator.

I won’t waste time beating around the bush so please follow me straight and quietly so that you can grab what you came for;

How to Check Earnings/Money on Opera News Hub?

1. If you are an Opera News writer you should know that the normal login link is, so you just have to remove the m in front of the link and type into your web browser” or after which you switch your browser to desktop mode.

2. You will see a whole new UI that’s more advanced because that’s the desktop version of the hub website, now you will see;

Content library

If your aim or problem is that you have worked so hard on the platform and desperately wish to see your hard earned earnings, just tap on monetisation” and your earnings will be displayed;

The bonuses are divided into two;

Clicks bonus; the bonus you got from.the number of clicks you got on your articles don’t forget that it’s 0.036 Naira per click on your article of which 10k clicks means 360 Naira.

Engagement Bonus; this is bonus you received as a result of the level of engagement on your articles, also don’t forget that 100 engagement gives you N1800 i.e. means if you are lucky to get 100 comments or 100 shares expect your 1800 Naira bonus.

That’s all, do the above and see your earnings on Opera News Hub.

Note; If you are new your earnings might not show up till after a number of days or weeks, if you don’t see anything don’t fret, just relax your earnings are intact and recorded by the Opera News system. 

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