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Opera News Hub Article Best Practices You Need to Know

Some months back I posted an article on how to become an Opera news hub writer and the monetary rewards attached to it. 

Some people tried it out and have been complaining to me ever since that their performance on the platform is poor with the rest complaining that their articles get rejected every time, due to my busy schedule I’ve not really been able to reply appropriately to these messages to the extent that some think I am intentionally snubbing them, it’s false but I can’t help it.

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Today, I am going to shoot two birds with a stone by explaining in simple terms how to make your post perform well on Opera News Hub and how to escape the horror of been rejected always; always because you.must he rejected at times it’s normal and I also experience it, but all I do is mark my mistake and correct it on subsequent articles.
How to Escape the Horror of Your Posts been rejected on Opera News Hub;
First of all you need to get a new ideology about the platform to do well;

1. It’s not just about the money.
2. Quality + Quantity is best
3. Concise headlines
4. No to Typo errors
5. No plagiarism.
If you know the above then your articles won’t be rejected all the time. 
I know you need a clearer explanation for the above listed points so I am going to do just that;
1. It’s not just about money; Opera News Hub is a platform created for users that are interested in News, entertainment, celebrity gist, etc. and not to give you money. 
So while posting articles, consider the interest of the organization and the 350million + users of the application at heart, write good articles, not necessarily long articles but short and concise articles… Make sure you publish articles that corresponds to the initial niche you selected while registering because Opera News Hub Administrators prefer writers that have specialization. 
2. Quality + Quantity is best; Opera news hub allows writers on the platform to publish a total of 5 articles per day of which all should be quality and clean, now if your plan is to make it big while doing what you love you need to publish quality articles on the platform to avoid rejection. Don’t use clickbait headlines like “Shocking” “Hot” “Danger” or any other exclamatory word because using such might lead to termination of your account. 
3. Concise Headlines; Use headlines or titles that kind of post straight to what your article is going to be about, like “How to Track Someone’s Phone Calls” this is concise and catchy as well, it’s your headline that determines the number of clicks you are going to hit which in turns means the amount of money you are going to make. 
4. No Typo Errors; this is actually funny but it happens, mistakes are normal and tolerable but never you make any mistake in the title of your article because it will make the Admin of Opera news hub reject your article. 
Make sure all spellings are accurate and neatly organized because most of the review specialists go straight to the title to either tag it clickbait or plagiarized. Be guided, sit down and make your own posts… Creativity is the key when it comes to content creation. 
< If you are not creative and can't be creative stay away from Opera news hub or blogging as a whole. 
5. No Plagiarism; Opera News is not a small platform or small website that you can just copy a post or image from Google or another high quality website and publish on it.
If making money can be as easy going to Google to pick up another person’s creativity then there won’t be any poor beggar on the street. You have to be creative enough to make you own posts, and at the same time use good and catchy headlines.
Now most people get rejected because of copyright Infringement because they download and use images from Google search engine… If that’s your problem then you don’t actually have a big problem because you can get copyright free images from websites like, etc. 
If you follow the above Instructions your articles won’t be rejected anymore and at the same time they’ll perform well on the platform, you can’t know for sure which post will blow all you have to do is keep publishing… Especially trendy topics. 
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