{Review} KeeshPack Program is Scam Keep off For Your Own Safety

Due to the state of the economy alot of scammers have hit the internet with the aim of scamming innocent people off their hard earned cash and unfortunately the greed that is prevalent in this country called Nigeria is too much.

In this post like I always do, I am going to review a platform known as KeeshPack that claims to be a share advert an earn platform with cashout date of 5days which is clearly impossible, so I am going to state the reasons why you should stay away from this platform because its a scam platform… Just keep reading this article for more information:

Reasons Why You Should Stay Away from KeeshPack Earning Platform

  • The website handles money and sensitive iformation such as Bank account details of customers yet they couldn’t install an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) on the website, meaning that information entered on the site can be accessed by third party operators.
  • Its a Hyip/PONZI scheme and as such is not sustainable with a payment timeline of just 5days! Thats incredibly fraudulent.
  • It doesn’t possess a good reputation based on the extension of the domain, a domain name of a site that claims or promises to pay money or double money in the name of share ad and earn should atleast run on a .com extension, but in the case of Keeshpack it runs a .xyz domain extension.
  • Payment Timeline: No where in the world can a worker be paid in just 5days or atleast in Nigeria, its not sustainable with such policy and whoever joins the platform risks losing his or her money upon registration.
  • Poor Payment gateway: this is another consideration when it comes to online platforms, a platform that cannot integrate automatic payment gateway is not worth patronizing because it means the script was poorly written in a haste to scam people; its dangerous however to join such a platform because when crowd increases it will take longer to process the payments. Keeshpack Program is scam, keep off if you value your money.
  • The website is shady and phishing in nature and not strong enough a website to risk your earnings.
  • The owner of the website is based at Lagos, NG which means danger as it could be an assembly of scammers running and planning how to scam innocent people.

As the saying goes; “A word is enough for the wise” if after reading this article you still fall prey to the scam of then just be assured that my soul weeps in secret place for you”.

Keeshpack – Share ad and earn platform is scam and not worth patronizing, run from the platform for the safety of your hard earned cash, a cash at hand is better than 100 in the bush. Thanks

This article was not composed to rubbish Keeshpack platform but to inform the general public of the dangers they stand to risk by investing on Keeshpack and also convey the information that based on our knowledge and investigations the platform is scam

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