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Zealnut Review: Earn as Much as $500 Socializing Every Day

It’s time to make money once again, so get ready!
If you continue reading this article then you must have gotten acquainted to some certain beliefs and ideologies which are;

1. Do you believe that you can make money online?

2. Do you believe that the data you waste on unprofitable chats and discussions can be converted to money online too?

If you believe the above or can say yes to the above questions, then I confidently ask you to continue reading this article because you are going to gain alot and perhaps satisfy your conscience that your belief is really a fact and not just myth..
Don’t mind the way the article started, it was just get you high or on the level you are supposed to be on before talking about the platform that has provided Nigerians the opportunity to earn for doing simple activities online like chatting and liking pictures on social media.

You can make passive income from the comfort of your home or as a student make passive income that you can use to support yourself because I know that money is at the centre in any institution and every student wishes to earn money to support.

Now, let’s divert to introducing this social messaging application and website known as Zealnut” they reward users with points for simply doing social activities on the website or application nothing else; as a user you just have to register, activate your email and login then start making friends on the platform and earn as you do.

Zealnut pays for the below activities;

  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Getting friends
  • Login daily
  • I think that’s all.
The above tasks are what you do on Facebook without making a dime but on Zealnut you earn for doing those aforementioned activities. 
That’s basically how Zealnut works and to know that the platform is still fresh it was launched on March 2, 2020, so if you want to make cool and easy cash making friends and socializing then this platform is for you. 
— Having done the introduction, I believe the question running through your mind right now is how do I get started on Zealnut, how do I start making money on Zealnut, how to register on Zealnut etc. just relax because you will register today and probably make your first $5 today, just allow me do my own work which is to explain everything for you😂.
How to Get Started on Zealnut Messaging Application?
First of all you need to either download the application from Google play store or simply register on the website, though I prefer you download the app from Playstore to help you operate easily on the platform.

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To access the website simply click HERE
Then you fill the registration form that will be shown to you, actually that’s the first thing you will see when you click on the link above. 

When you’re done filling the sign up form you will be prompted to verify your email by clicking on the link that was forwarded to your email i.e. the email you used to register on the Zealnut website or app.

After verifying your account simply login with your email and password and tick the remember me button to avoid entering the same email and password Everytime you access the site.  

After you login, you will be given free bonus points, all you have to do to increase it is to drop a post on your timeline and also like all the posts you see on your news feed and also get credited for that, the maximum times you can get credited for liking posts on your acct is 10times per day.

How to Withdraw from Zealnut Social Messaging Application

When you have from 125 points up, you can just tap on the coin icon at the top of your account dashboard, then you select the coin to cash icon as shown below👇

There is no minimum withdrawal amount as you can withdraw even if you have just 80points but it’s better you wait till it’s upto 125 points as that is an equivalent of $5.

You can withdraw directly to you Bitcoin wallet by entering your wallet address in the box when prompted to do so while withdrawing your points.

It’s optional though as you can just request directly and wait for 2-48hours for a reply to your mail asking you to input your account details

That’s all, your earnings will then be sent to your local bank account♥️

That’s the payment proof from one of the admins @Gistrealz [Craig Adebanji] and this whole article is credited to him as well♥️

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