How to Save The Status Updates of Your Friends on Social Media With Xender

Xender the popular file sharing application has introduced a new feature that solves the problem of those having issues with saving the WhatsApp and Facebook status updates of their friends.
I am sure every Android user has experienced such issue, whereby your contact posted an interesting update and you ask him or her for it only to be slapped with the reply that there is no data to share it. Some contacts even go as far as tagging the update with “Don’t Ask Me to Send” text.

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But with the new xender update which is currently available on the updated version of the App.

How to Save WhatsApp Status With Xender?

First of all download the updated version of Xender from Google Playstore or from HERE.

Then you launch the app, and when you are on the main page, you will see social” at the buttom, tap on it and then select Connect” on the next page that loads on your screen.

Immediately you tap on Connect” it will take you straight to WhatsApp whether you’re using the business or normal version, then you just have to go back to Xender and all the status updates from your contacts will be loaded in the Xender app for you to download.

Just select the status update you want to download and get on with the download without having to even say hi to the contact that posted it.

Note: You can also save Facebook stories and Instagram stories with the Updated Xender Application

This is a good improvement from the Xender team and I hope they’ll add more features soon.

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