How To Verify Your Adsense Address With Bank Statement | Very Easily And Fast

You Might find it hard to believe what you are about to read but its hundred percent true. I registered for Google Adsense on August 2019 and got disapproved same month, of course like every other blogger I had to reapply and after the second application i was approved. I started making some cents from my website on a daily basis as a matter of fact, i was performing so well to the extent that my Adsense account got matched content the same month, little did I know i was about to begin a long journey of verifications. First of all Immediately I got upto $11 I was asked to verify my identity on Adsense which i did with no skin pain because i had my National ID on standby.
Things went on so well until it got to Google Adsense Address verification, this time around I was expected to receive a letter of which a PIN was located inside for my adsense account to be ready to receive payments. This is where the issue that i consider Adsense threatening started… I was given three attempts and i surprisingly exhausted all of them without getting the supposed PIN from Adsense because of poor postal service in my region of residence. I asked some popular bloggers and Adsense dealers and they gave me a shocking reply that i had lost my Adsense earnings.. everything worsened the three days ago when Adsense disabled ad serving on my site with the next threat being termination of my account.

Now, decided to check out the verify address section of my adsense account and surprisingly I saw an option to fill a form incase I didn’t get the Adsense PIN after three consecutive attempts. I tapped on the form and saw that I was eligible to upload National ID, Voters Card, Bank Statement, Nepa Bill etc. but in my own case i made use of my Bank Statement because that was the only document I had with my home address on it.

Now in this post I am going to go straight to the point, you can verify your Google Adsense address with Bank statement comfortably without issues if you scan and upload the bank statement to Adsense using the Form provided by Adsense. 

Now lets see what you need to verify your Google Adsense Address (PIN)

  1. You need either a Bank Statement or Voters Card
  2. You need to copy your Publisher ID well without mistakes, to see your Publisher ID just tap on Account Information on your dashboard and copy it… It looks like this Pub-67533231177 

How to Verify Your Google Adsense Address With Bank Statement?
Now After requesting for the PIN three times, you wont be given an option to request again because you have exhausted the allowed number of times per account.

Don’t Panic at all, just log into your Adsense dashboard as you always do and tap on Account Information, there you will see Verify Address” as an option, tap on it and if it has gotten to 30days or more since you requested for the last PIN you will see  a paragraph beneath the page where you generate your last AdSense pin which reads – If you don’t receive your PIN after 4 weeks of this date, please complete this formIf you can see this paragraph then there is hope for you.

If the link is not working even when it has passed one month after the request of your third pin just click on this link instead it will still take you to the form. 

Tap on the link and you will be shown a form to fill, below is a screenshot of how the form will look like

Once the form loads then consider the address verification done and dusted, just fill in the details you are asked to fill in ranging from your name and also carefully paste your publisher ID in the provided box and proceed to submitting the form. But be careful if you fail at the first attempt your Google Adsense account and earnings are gone. 
Make sure that the address you entered in your Adsense account tallies 100% with the address on your Bank statement because any discrepancy makes the whole process null and void. Be careful.
In my case i submitted the form and after some minutes I got another response confirming the successful verification of my Adsense address. See the email I got immediately I submitted the form
Now thats how to verify your Google Adsense PIN Verification with your Bank Statement. You don’t even have to stress yourself looking or changing your address to another address other than your original address for your verification to be successful. When it comes to Google Adsense address verification you need patience, dont go trying wrong Pins because that means your adsense account will be terminated without any delay once you guess codes and use up the three attempts left for your account, no jupiter can save your account plus the little earnings you might have in it… Be careful and always be patient, Goodluck!
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