MTN Cheapest Data Plans You Must Try This Season

Due to the absence or scarcity of free browsing cheats, Gistrealz is forced to provide you with cheap and affordable data bundles to enjoy pending when a loophole will be discovered on any of the four major Nigerian Telecom Operators.

Though this is not an official goodbye to free browsing cheats, sincerity and transparency is our watch word and nothing will make us go back on that. The information you are about to get from this article was carefully compiled and it is on the Cheapest MTN Data Plans for the year 2019 so far.  and due to the festivity that comes with this period I thought it wise to update us on the cheapest data plans, though all of them was posted on this Blog upon introduction but this is mainly for those that might have missed or didnt have mb to check then…

I have compiled a list of MTN Data bundles that are very affordable, though some of them have eligibility criteria they are still worth the trial;

List of MTN Cheapest Data Bundles and Their Subscription Codes;

MTN N200 for 1GB; This is one of the data plans in the MTN welcome back plans and it is considered one of the best MTN data bundles in terms of affordability. This data bundle is specifically designed for inactive MTN sims or sims that have not been used for atleast 20days.

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How to Subscribe to MTN N200 for 1GB

1. Dial *131*65*2# and you will be prompted to confirm the subscription, just follow the prompt to confirm your subscription.

2. The MTN 1GB welcome back data plan is valid for 7days.

MTN N1000 for 4GB; this is another data bundle under the umbrella of MTN welcome back plans and it is considered the best as it has a validity of 30days, which mans the data bundle lasts for a month and the data cap is just nothing short of amazing.

How to Subscribe to MTN 1000 for 4GB

Make sure you have up-to N1000 in your account balance, then you dial *131*65*3# of which you will be prompted to confirm the purchase. after which you will be credited with 4GB for just N1000. The Data plan is valid for 30days.

MTN N100 for 1GB:  This mind blowing data bundle was introduced  by the Telecom giant sometime last month and its already making wave as the data cap is incredibly outrageous. another mind blowing thing is that the bundle is valid for a month.

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How to Subscribe to MTN N100 for 1GB

Dial *131*100# and you follow the confirmation prompt to receive your 1GB for just N100. The data bundle is valid for a month.

MTN N20 for 75mb: The MTN N20 for 75mb data bundle is another cheap data bundle from MTN and the good thing is that it can be accumulated. The data bundle is valid for 7days.

How to Subscribe to MTN N20 for 75MB  

Dial *131*10# to subscribe to the MTN 75MB for just N20. Read how to accumulate this data bundle to 1.5GB for just N400 and 750mb for N200 etc.    

⟹ MTN Night Plan ( N50 for 500MB and N25 for 250MB)

though this is only usable at midnight from 12am – 5am its still regarded as one of the cheapest data offers on MTN. the new subscription codes are;

1. MTN N25 for 250MB: To subscribe to this data bundle all you have to do is to dial *406# to migrate to MTN iPulse tariff plan after which you sms NT1 to 131 to subscribe to the data bundle. Make sure you do it when its almost midnight to avoid forgetting it.

2. MTN N50 for 500MB; to subscribe to this cheap data bundle from MTN simply sms NT2 to 131 after which you will get an SMS confirming your subscription. Also note that the Night plan is only active on MTN iPulse tariff plan.


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