9Mobile 3.5gb for N200 Browsing Cheat via HTTP Injector VPN

Good day guys, for a while now it appeared as if the era of cheats has ended but that’s false because some people have been rocking the Glo Unlimited Browsing cheat via Freedom VPN while others of which I’m inclusive have been rocking the 9mobile 2.5GB cheat via Ultrasurf VPN.

If you are not using any of the above then you are lucky to be here because after reading this article you will get the chance to enjoy a whopping 3.5gb on 9mobile with just 200Naira using this latest 9mobile free browsing settings on http injector. 
Before you get the full gist on how to rock the free internet Settings first of all examine the requirements needed for this cheat on 9mobile that could be tagged our free internet for the month of April because March is almost over..
Requirements for the 9mobile 3.5GB Free Internet Settings;
1. An Android Phone v4.4 or more
2. An active 9mobile sim card with minimum of N200 airtime.
3. HTTP Injector VPN that can be downloaded from playstore or from HERE
4. The 3.5GB – 4GB configuration file that you can download straight from HERE
5. Ability to read and understand; read carefully. 
That’s all when it comes to requirements, now insert your 9mobile sim card into your phone and dial *253*20# then wait for the response that you have gotten 1GB(based on eligibility) 
When you get the 1GB data, install and launch the Http injector VPN you downloaded from the link above…
When you are successfully in the Http injector app homepage, tap on the three dots and then select “Import config” you will be asked to select the directory where you stored the file.
Immediately you locate the file, tap on it and it will be automatically imported to the Http injector VPN.
Switch on your data connection and connect to start browsing with the 1gb.
Watch a video Tutorial on how to import the config file below

The cheat now is that, you will use a total of 3.5gb to 4gb with the 1gb data you were given when you bought the data with just N200.
It’s a wonderful cheat true but it has some disadvantages that comes to play in the effective use of the cheat;
1. It requires a VPN; I know some people get tired immediately they hear that a cheat requires VPN.
2. Purchase of the data plan is based on eligibility, which means the only way to enjoy the cheat is if you’re eligible for the 1gb for N200 data plan.
3. It’s only valid for 3hours and as such you are expected to use up the 3.5 – 4gb within 3 hours which is almost impossible but somewhat possible of you are a heavy downloader. 
It’s a cheat and has some downsides… Just manage it and keep rocking… 
Thats it for the 9mobile 3.5gb free browsing cheat for April 2020

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