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Swirge: Earn as Much as N50,000 Socializing with Friends

Most believe that making money through genuine means online is impossible but as enlightened people we all have seen that it’s very much possible.

Sequel to the above statement I believe anybody reading this article is fully aware that making money online is very possible so that when I start breaking down the steps to follow to earn online with the website I am going to introduce in this article you won’t doubt it’s reality.

Now back to business, I am aware that the whole country is on a lockdown so most people are unable to make money as people are relying and feeding on the money acquired before this unfortunate period but with the Swirge social media website you can actually make passive income while at home this period without having to violate the lockdown directive.  Making money with the Swirge website is as easy as just doing the communication activities you do everyday on WhatsApp and Facebook without making a dime; and you know most people are spending alot on social media in the name of chatting and having fun but with Swirge you actually chat, have fun, and share your ideas and still earn while doing what you call fun.
Before we start talking about Swirge let’s first get little information about the platform and what its about.

What is Swirge?
Swirge is a social messaging website like Facebook and Twitter that allows you chat and share your ideas to your friends online but the only difference between Swirge and other social media websites is that you earn while still doing what you love.

Activities on Swirge that pays/ Rewards ?

Liking: like other social networks the like or reaction feature is enabled on the Swirge website and unlike others you get some money for liking posts on Swirge social medium.

Commenting: as a user you earn some cents for commenting on posts, when I say commenting I don’t mean intentionally dropping meaningless comments on every post you see as that will lead to point deduction even after you get credited because they work with a wonderful Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Posting: this can be preparing a blog post for the platform to dropping normal social media posts like we all do on Facebook and the likes, doing that on Swirge fetches you some money as much as N20 for a blog post on the platform.

Referring: Rewarding active and loyal users with bonuses when they refer new users to a platform has always been the trait of a useful and promising platform and on Swirge it’s not different because you earn as much as N50(5points) when you refer a new user to the platform. Imagine earning when you refer a user to Facebook? It’s wonderful isn’t it? Yes it is.

How to Get started on Swirge? 

First of all you need to register by clicking HERE.. it takes only few seconds to register if you are used to registering on platforms as this is nothing different from what you know.

No verification whatsoever, just fill the sign up form and proceed to follow friends and start making money as you do.

To make a blog post you just have to tap on the menu bar and then select my articles (check image below for guidance)

When you tap on the + plus sign you will be shown a new page to create your blog post.
Per blog post you create you will be credited with N10 points(that’s actually the fastest way to earn on Swirge)

Minimum Withdrawal;

If I tell you long story from begining to end without mentioning minimum withdrawal and how to withdraw earnings it will look absurd.

Minimum Withdrawal on Swirge is N500 and if you want to withdrawal you just have to tap on the menu bar and tap on your wallet balance then you will be shown your balance and option to withdraw your earnings.

Now you know everything, follow the instructions carefully to earn passive income from Swirge social network while at home.

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