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How To Browse For Free on MTN Using Stark VPN Reloaded Version

Here comes a new free browsing tweak from MTN that is powered by stark VPN Reloaded version. The 24clan green vpn tweak and GAN VPN tweak has been blocked and as such the only way to browse for free on MTN is by using this current blazing stark VPN Reloaded. Below is the laid down instructions on how to get connected to the internet with MTN 0.0kobo using Stark VPN updated version which is Stark VPN Reloaded. Keep reading this article for more information on how to activate it.

How to Enjoy Daily 50mb Free Browsing on Stark VPN Reloaded version

> First of all you have to download the normal Stark VPN from Google Playstore or Apkpure.

> After downloading Stark VPN from playstore simply launch the application. Upon opening it you’ll be prompted to download the Stark VPN Reloaded version follow the prompt to download the Stark VPN Reloaded version.

> When you are done with the download, just open the app and select MTN 50MB Daily.

> That’s all you need, it’s not like the usual Stark VPN configuration you just have to tap on connect and boom! Wait for some seconds for it to get connected. 

Enjoy the latest MTN Free Browsing  Cheat using the reloaded Stark VPN. 

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