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Ayoba is Giving Away Free 600mb for MTN Users, Get Yours Now

Have you heard of Ayoba Messaging Application? Do you know you can get as much as 600mb free by signing up on the app? If you don’t, then you must read this article.

Note: This article is not an advertisement of the Ayoba application so it’s going to be quick and concise. 

Before I start breaking down the full details, let me first tell you what Ayoba application is all about. 

What is Ayoba? 

Ayoba is a Social Messaging Application similar to what you call Facebook and WhatsApp infact recently the administrators of the Ayoba application extended what users enjoy on the application as you can even read updates concerning the pandemic ravaging the world currently. 

Requirements to Get the Ayoba Free 600mb?

  • An MTN SIM card.
  • Ayoba Android application which can be downloaded from HERE
  • An Android Phone.
If you have the aforementioned requirements then you are on your way to getting the free 600mb data from Ayoba. The next thing you need to do is to launch the Ayoba app that was downloaded from the above link and sign up using your original details after which you will be rewarded with 600mb. 

How to Make Use of the 600mb from Ayoba?

The free data from Ayoba is similar to the data Facebook gives you to use it’s application. So the data you get from Ayoba social messaging Application can only be used to interact and communicate with your friends already using the app coupled with staying Upto date with news about Covid 19. 
Are you disappointed? Don’t be, I will bring more updates on how to use the data to power all applications. 
All you have to do is to join our WhatsApp TV by clicking HERE if you are not part of it yet. 

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