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Opera News Hub Review: Earn as Much as 50,000 Every Month Writing Articles

Are you a writer or do you have writing skills but don’t have an audience to showcase it? Or are you the type that wishes to own a blog and start earning but cant afford to? Then Opera News Hub is for you!

Now you may ask, what is Opera News Hub? 
I am sure you have heard about Opera and Opera Mini before, or atleast the word rings a bell in your ear, Opera is the company that owns and controls Opera Mini browser and also other various platforms in Nigeria ranging from Opera News to Opay, Olist etc. With each platform possessing its own unique features and satisfaction to users. 
Opera News Hub is a micro blogging platform set up for publishers or people that have the writing talent to earn from doing what they love to do. You can easily become a part of the Opera News Hub publishers Centre by registering on their official website – Click HERE.

After which you feel your original details as shown in the images below;

Fill the necessary details with the display name you want for your publisher account to the category of articles you want to be publishing to the users of Opera News, and of course write a short description.

After which you will be asked to fill the more personal and legal information about you; check image below👇

After filling the necessary information, just tap on next to finalise your registration and wait for the approval which is usually within 7days.

How to Earn on Opera News Hub?

Like I previously stated, the Opera News Hub is like a blog, a platform created for you to publish your passion and if users of Opera News find it interesting and read, share and comment on it you earn comfortable cash from your comfort zone.

Opera has created a good opportunity for bloggers and writers out there to earn on their platform free of charge by just publishing quality articles with catchy titles.

Why is It so Interesting?

This opportunity created by Opera is more interesting that having a blog because when you launch your own blog you have to gradually monitor it, upgrade it, Monetise it and also work hard enough for people to visit, but it’s not the case for publishers on Opera News Hub because there are over 350million people using Opera News of which you are allowed to attract all of them depending on how good your article is. So if you’re the type that write wonderful articles on a daily or weekly basis for free on your Facebook timeline or social media handles then this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

How Much Can I Earn On Opera News Hub?

Since Opera News has over 350 million users on the platform, it will be easy for you to earn over N50,000 per month on the platform with an original article. 
Now Here’s calculation and how much you stand to gain from this Platform; 
Opera records it on pay per click basis, which means a pay per click on your post is N0.036 which means you will get N36 for 1,000 clicks.

Definitely, 5,000 clicks will give you N180 while 10,000 clicks is N360. Now clicks is just the number of people that tap on your post title to read your post and remember 350 million people get to see your post, so if you work your mathematics and play your game well you should be hitting upto 100,000 click on your post.
Though there are other means of earning on Opera News Hub from your content…
 You will be paid N1,800 for 100 engagement which means, if people comment or share your post, you get paid too. So, if your post gets more comments and shares you get more Cash and as you can see the pay for engagement is higher than that of clicks, so the bottomline is write good content and also use catchy titles and not misleading titles so that your post won’t be turned down by the Opera News Administrators
What Kind of Articles Are Allowed on the Hub? Below are Samples 

How to Withdraw From Opera News Hub? 

Now if I keep talking about earning and how to earn on Opera News Hub an average Nigerian will be dying to ask one question and I know that if I mistakenly forget to include it I’ll be flooded with questions later on.
To Receive your money from Opera News Hub you need to first of all download Opay Application, I’m sure you have heard about the Opay App but if you haven’t just click HERE to download Opay Application for Android Users.

When you’re done downloading the Opay App.just sign up/create an account with the same phone number you filled while registering for the Opera News Hub because it will.serve as your account number when withdrawal period comes. As the saying goes, after hardwork, reward follows”

Though Opera News Hub pays big time it is also worthy to note that there are practices termed; illegal and intolerable on the platform, below are those practices:

1. Plagiarism: don’t go to Google and pick up a catchy post from another blog online and publish on Opera News because it will be rejected as it’s been reviewed by the Opera News Admin.

2. Don’t use “Wow”, Interesting” Wonderful” or any other exclamatory word in your title as that is considered spammy and would result to outright rejection of your article.

3. Your articles must be quality, lengthy and Catchy articles.. publishing an article with less than 150 words would mean outright rejection.

4. Withdrawals are done on the 15th of every month, you can’t withdraw earlier nor later than this particular day of every month.

Enjoy, this is all you need to know about becoming a publisher on Opera News Hub and making alot of money from it. 

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