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HotPay Income Review – Is HotPay a Scam? Find Out Now

Over the years we have watched many read news and get paid platforms rise and fall. Some fall with our hard earned cash while some fall with many of us escaping the terrific experience of losing your hard earned cash to an unidentified entity online. 
Notwithstanding the fact that participating in online read news get paid program means you are ready for anything, the truth remains that some websites are managed by fraudulent administrators and they don’t mean well from day one. Today, I’m going to be doing a little review based on my findings on a site known as HotPay Platform – that rewards users based on their activities on the site such as reading news and sharing sponsored posts on Facebook. 
You found yourself in this website because you were looking for a confirmation as to whether to register on HotPay or not, so I want to let you know that HotPay isn’t a trusted site to invest even your N50 on. In other words, HotPay read news get paid program is a scam and not worth wasting data and time on.

1. The Website is Built with a shady script: the website script is just one of those scripts scammers use to scam unsuspecting individuals. If you participated in Sunbiz program you will understand what I mean. The UI of HotPay is terribly built and not worthy of your dime. Notwithstanding the fact that it’s N400 registration fee, stay away from it. You can use your N400 to do another important thing or better still save it. 

2. It is Owned by A Nigerian; Nigerian sites are never known to be trustworthy. This is because most Nigerian sites are only after siphoning the little money contributed by users and nothing more. I personally experienced this in 2017 during the Ponzi scheme era, most Nigerian Ponzi sites didn’t last for more than a month and considering the fact that HotPay is also similar to a Ponzi site, it will be madness to invest in the site. 
3. Lacks Members: most Ponzi sites or read news get paid programs survive when there is an upsurge in the number of people that register. But in the case of HotPay, there is very few members and it will be impossible for the platform to generate enough money to pay those that aren’t active referrals. 
The referral bonuses are paid immediately it gets to N600 so your registration money is shared 50-50 between the person that referred you and the owners of the platform. 
If you register with N400(200 Naira goes to the referrer and N200 goes to the administrators) if you are not able to refer more people, your initial registration fee is gone because the platform won’t be able to pay when what they get from you is but 50% of the earnings. It’s common logic. 
HotPay is similar to Sunbiz or probably owned by the same fraudsters that launched Sunbiz. So it will only be suicidal if you join HotPay. Don’t let anybody deceive you, HotPay is a scam and not legit! 
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