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How to Earn Upto N4000 on Baxi Mobile Application

Baxi Mobile is a sort of payment application that works exactly like Chipper cash and Palmpay as you can do a lot of activities on it. You can pay for certain services like Cable TV, Nepa Bills, recharge your phone etc.

The Baxi Mobile Application aside from being a payment application and savings app it also has an interesting aspect that I believe will be of interest to you guys. Baxi has a referral program that rewards referrers with free N400 per person you refer to the platform that registers with his or her BVN. 
Don’t worry, your BVN is safe on Baxi and secondly you can’t be scammed or debited with your BVN alone. Keep reading this to grab the full details and how to get started on Baxi Mobile. 
How to Get Free N400 Per Referral on Baxi Mobile:
1. It will be impossible to do all that without having the Baxi Application so click HERE to download the Baxi Mobile app for Android.
2. When you are done downloading and installing, just sign up with BVN and fill in the details accurately with your BVN and enter this 00005126 as referral code since you are learning about the application from me. 

When you are done with the registration you will be shown a homepage like the one below;
What you have to do from here is to fund your account with as little as N1000 and to do that, just copy your account number as shown in the app and transfer N1000 to it via bank transfer. 
Immediately, your Baxi account will be credited with N1000, now tap the settings button and scroll down to where you will see “Manage Referrals” as shown below

Now tap on that button and copy your referral code or simply share your referral link to either your Facebook account or WhatsApp and per person that registers with his or her BVN you get rewarded with a whopping N400 which you can either cash out as Airtime or transfer to your bank account. If you are able to refer 10 people you go home with your N4000.
Make sure you try this out as fast as possible, it’s a promo and can end at anytime💕💕
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