EpayNaija Review – Is EpayNaija a Scam? Find Out Now

Hello Lovely Viewers! I am here with another review article aimed at saving the cash of the poor masses. Today I will be doing a review of a platform known as EpayNaija – that promises to give participants a 50% return on investment (ROI).

The big question is, Is EpayNaija scam or real? Don’t worry this article is going to answer that with some reasons that any normal person will also take note of. It is also worthy to note that reviews conducted on this blog won’t always be negative but I will try as much as I can to pass my knowledge to my viewers.

First of all, what is EpayNaija? EpayNaija like I previously stated is a peer to peer platform that promises to reward her participants with as much as 50% ROI i.e. If you invest with just N50,000 you get a whopping N25,000 extra just within 2days! Incredibly impossible. Without further ado, let’s get down to the main point of writing this article.

EpayNaija from my investigations and from my previous experiences with online scheme is scam

Below are the Reasons Why EpayNaija is Scam and not Legit;

1. Mouthwatering Offer: EpayNaija claims that it will reward participants that invest with as much as 50% return on investment in just 2days? That is totally impossible, where will the admin get the money from? Before joining such platform, it’s important to ask yourself some questions.
EpayNaija is a pure Ponzi scheme that uses money of the newbies to pay old members while the new members risk losing their own money. Stay away!

2. No Limit to Investments: imagine a platform that claims it will pay participants 50% ROI still claiming that you can invest any amount. The owners are pure scammers and they don’t mean well for their users! Assuming, I invest with 1Million Naira, it means I’m going home with N1.5million? Who is going to pay the money?
That policy not only depicts EpayNaija administrators as scammers but also greedy scammers. Stay away from EpayNaija!

3. Referral Bonuses: now, a platform that claims that it will be pay people 50% in two days still went ahead to introduce a referral bonus of 5%. The site is a pure scam, how are they going to pay all the offers stated on the website. Scammers lure people in with attarctive offers and then rip off the little they have, steer clear off EpayNaija.

4. Recommitment Plan: according to EpayNaija, Recommitment simply means making an upfront (another) investment before making your withdrawal. This is necessary to ensure that no User withdraws money from the programme and refuses to continue. As continuity of users Investing in Epaynaija will lead to Unlimited funds entering into the system, hence covering up for all withdrawals made on the platform. 

The recommitment plan is a strategy perfectly drawn and set up by the administrators to scam innocent Unsupecting individuals the more. You have to reinvest with equal or higher amount before withdrawing your due investment! That’s preposterous!

A word is enough for the wise, invest in EpayNaija at your own peril! That’s all I have to tell you about EpayNaija and as for my review, EpayNaija is scam and not trustworthy! 

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