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Flaim Promotion: How to Get Free 5GB Data on Flaim Social Messaging Application

Hello Guys! I am back again with good tidings as usual, today I will be telling you about a social Application like Facebook and WhatsApp that rewards users with free 5GB Data for just chatting. 

The application is called Flaim and it is a social messaging Application that I believe many of you are familiar with. I’ve posted about Flaim in the past and how to get Upto 10GB from it by accumulating the welcome data. They have come up with a new offer for their users. 

How to Get the Free 5GB Data from Flaim Social Messaging Application;

1. You need to first of all download Flaim Application from HERE

2. When you are done downloading the application, sign up by inputting your phone number and then enter the OTP they will send to you and boom you’re done with the registration.

Registering on the application is like a preamble, you need to be active on the messaging Application from Wednesdays – Sundays to stand a chance to win the free 5GB data. Now, when you are done registering you can invite your close friends to register and when they have registered, make sure you chat with them massively everyday. 

Chatting with them massively increases your chances to get selected for the free data. It’s difficult but it’s worth it considering the fact that 5GB is not a small data plan. 

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