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Opay Referral Program: Earn Free N50 Cash When you Register and Refer

Hello Guys! I am certain you all are still observing the safety measures put in place by the federal government against the Covid-19 Pandemic?  That’s not what we are going to be discussing though because this blog is centered around technology, free browsing cheats, new money making opportunities, online scheme reviews and so on. 
Today, I will be bringing to your notice the Opay Application owned by Opera. I believe many of you know about Opay so I am just going to give a brief rundown before I commence introduction of the referral bonus incentive. 

What is Opay?

Opay fully known as Opera Pay is an online payment platform that helps users do numerous online transactions ranging from buying Airtime, paying for light bills etc. You can also do normal online banking transactions on the Opay Application like transferring money to your colleague and so on.
That’s all you need to know about Opay Application, but the most interesting or rather beautiful aspect of the application is the newly introduced referral incentive that looks to reward people that are able to refer new users to their application. It’s not also restricted to only referrers as the newbies or new users also get a welcome bonus.
Now below is a break down of the bonus you stand to gain for referring new users to te Opay application and what your referrals also get for registering with your link;
Refer one person = N50 cashback which can be used to purchase airtime when its Upto 100Naira or can be used while buying Airtime or doing in-app transactions as a discount. 
The new User also gets rewarded with = N50 only when he or she registers and downloads the application using a referral link. It’s as easy as ABC! 
You might be wondering, what is N50? Allow me to tell you something you may never hear from someone else, Never disregard any amount of money, if you become a beggar no one will give you that amount you call little”. 
Do you want to get started? Click HERE to register and download Opay application and receive your free N50 bonus of which can be increased when you refer others. 
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