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Flickpays Review: Earn as Much as N30,000 Performing Simple Tasks

Hey Guys! As always I bring good tidings your way today. I am sure you have been following up my updates as regards online money making schemes and some other review.

Like I stated earlier as well, not all reviews of online platforms will be negative, some actually mean well or have sustainable features that can secure the hard earned cash of the user. What I am going to do about a new platform known as Flickpays Enterprise is just an introduction, so that when the platform kicks off we all will be the first and top earners before others troop in.

What is Flickpays Enterprise?

Flickpays is an earning website that rewards you for doing some paid activities. Activities such as sharing sponsored ad on Facebook, watching sponsored videos(short videos) and also reading news. This is basically how a normal user earns but if you turn out to be a referrer you bag 1000 Naira per person you convince to join the platform. 

Further Breakdown and Full Details of Flickpays Enterprise;

I am going to explain this to the understanding of even a lay man, you earn based on what you are in the platform(Either a normal user or a referring and active user)

1. As a normal user or participant, you earn when you share an advert daily to your Facebook account.

2. You also earn when you view the short sponsored videos on the website.

3. As a read news get paid program as well, you earn some cents when you read news(max 5)

Now as a top referrer you earn all the aforementioned bonuses plus the normal referral incentive which is 1000 Naira per person you refer to the platform.

Now that you have read the above information, three things must be running through your mind, is Flickpays legit? Is Flickpays for real, how do I get started on Flickpays Enterprise so I’m going to answer that one after the other.

How to Get Started on Flickpays Enterprise?

Flickpays hasn’t been launched yet in Nigeria but it will in the month of August probably on the 1st.

It’s important you join Flickpays WhatsApp Group created by Ericksson to keep up with more Updates pending when it will be officially launched. Click HERE to join

The registration bonus is N2000, so before joining the WhatsApp group make sure you have made up your mind. Observers aren’t allowed.

Is Flickpays Legit or Scam?

– Time will tell, but from my findings Flickpays Enterprise is legit and not scam! But it will be best if you join the group and endeavour to key into the platform when it’s newly launched.

Now that’s all you need to know about Flickpays Enterprise! Enjoy!

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