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LetsChat Review – Earn Free N900 Airtime and Upto N1700 Socializing

Hello Gistrealerz, it’s time to get free airtime again! This time around you can get free airtime from an application known as Letschat.

What is Letschat?

LetsChat is a social medium similar to WhatsApp and Telegram. On Letschat, you can socialize with people in your contact list and also create chat groups exactly how WhatsApp works. The extra benefit you gain from using the Letschat application is that you get rewarded with free airtime immediately you register and when you chat in the application for 7days.

Breakdown of The Bonuses You Stand to Gain from Using LetsChat application;

1. You can earn from LetsChat Application immediately you sign up with this link – HERE.

After registration you get N100 free airtime, when you verify your account with a referral number.

2. You can also get free airtime on Letschat application when you chat with your friends for 1 –  3 – 7days. You mustn’t necessary chat every body on your contact list but you can engage a few contacts so that you can get free N500 airtime upto N900.

3. You also earn when you refer other users to download the application and also verify their accounts with your referral number. This is the most interesting aspect as you can get as much as N300 per person you bring into the system.

How to Get Your Free N100 Registration Bonus

Simply download the LetsChat Android application from HERE and fill the registration, you will be shown a page similar to the one below

Tap the accept invitation button and download the LetsChat app. When you are done with the download, simply launch the app and sign up with your correct details especially your current phone number because you will be asked to verify.

When you are done with your registration, you will now be logged into your personal dashboard, and the first message on your screen will be from LetsChat Official account, now send Invite07062200896 to them.

That’s all, now connect to your contacts and start chatting with them and within 24hours you will receive your N100 welcome bonus. If you want to get more bonus, keep chatting with your contacts with the application and they will keep rewarding you with free airtime.

Note: Letschat is tested and trusted but it is also worthy to note that this is a promotional offer and can be stopped at anytime, rush now. Thanks.

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