Incase You Didn’t Know: How to Borrow Airtime or Data on GLO Network Easily

Like every other network, you can borrow data and airtime on the Glo Network when you are in need.

It is not even as hard as other networks as you don’t get debited automatically when you recharge, I have once borrowed from Glo and kept using and recharging my line afterwards without being debited. I think I was just lucky then but that is by the way.

How to Be Eligible For the Glo Borrow Me Service;

The Glo Borrow me service is not open to any sim because they need to trust you enough before granting you access to borrow airtime or data. You must have been on the network actively for 2 to 4 months.

How to Borrow Data or Airtime From Glo Network;

– Incase you didn’t know before, you can simply borrow data or Airtime from Glo by dialing *321# and then selecting the one you need urgently. You will be shown an option to either borrow data or borrow airtime – check image below

Just select anyone you need at the moment and select the amount you want to borrow and boom, the amount will credited to your account balance. Enjoy!

Before you leave, please share this post your friends and family members as the borrow me service is one of a kind and can save you from hazards when you are short of airtime or data. Thanks! I love you.

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