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StoryPaid Review – Slavery in Disguise, Keep Off!

Many platforms have showcased this period with many promising to pay writers for stories published on their platforms. While there are unique and realistic ones that are not fully built on exploitation and what I call “Modern day slavery” there are others that does not have the interest of the writers at heart.

One of write and get paid platforms I discovered have nothing good for the writers is This is purely my opinion and it’s your choice to believe. 

What is Storypaid? 

Storypaid is an online story platform that promises to pay writers for the short stories published on the platform for the audience to consume. The platform is not built on a shady script but to me it is pure slavery in disguise and no Nigerian should near the website. 
1. StoryPaid is a Platform that promises to reward writers that publish stories for a paltry N10 per story published on the platform. I mean, is it not pure slavery for an individual to sit at one place to compose a story for a platform just for N10? 
A good platform cannot ask it’s writers to publish stories for just N10.

2. Administrators of claims that they will reward Three(3) best stories on the platform with just N5000. Conditions been that such stories must be unique, original and no trace of it on the internet. 
How can a normal person research and think out a wonderful story only to publish it on a platform that will only pay him or her N10.
3. Storypaid Doesn’t Have Good Audience: though, they don’t pay based on engagement on a writer’s story, it is not still safe in the sense that you can stress yourself to publish stories and at the end you place a withdrawal and get denied your hard, slave earnings?! 

Please, if you don’t have something doing, it’s better to waste your time on social media than enslave yourself on a platform like Storypaid and end up not been paid.

If you want to Read the FAQ of Storypaid – Click HERE
That’s all you need to know about the modern day slavery platform called Storypaid. Keep off, it’s not only scam but also ran by fraudulent and heartless Administrators. 
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3 thoughts on “StoryPaid Review – Slavery in Disguise, Keep Off!

  1. Thanks for the info. I recently registered with storypaid and tried withdrawing my earnings but all to no avail. I wish i hadn't come accross the malicious site. I don't know how to put down my already posted ideas, but I'll move on by God's grace. Please can you recommend legit platforms that pay story writers well and genuinely? I really neednthis, thank you.

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