How to Chat On WhatsApp and Telegram With Your MTN Sim Free

Here comes a new cheat that will enable you chat for free on WhatsApp and Telegram using your MTN sim and as you know it’s going to be free for our premium visitors i.e. those on our WhatsApp TV.

If you’re not part of the TV you would have to work out a tweak on how to access the page because it’s not officially for you.

With this cheat you will be able to chat on WhatsApp and Telegram with 0.00 data balance.

Without further ado, let me go straight to the what you came here for.


1. Your MTN Sim Card

2. A smartphone or mobile phone.

3. You also have to borrow airtime of any amount as it is on if the major requirements for the cheat.

4. Ability to Read and understand 🙏

How to Chat On WhatsApp and Telegram using MTN 0.00 MB?

First of all you need to migrate to MTN ipulse by dialing *406#, after which you proceed to borrowing credit from MTN *606# and select any amount you wish to borrow.

When you have borrowed the airtime, be careful at this point because any mistake renders what you’re doing useless.

Now, after borrowing, use the airtime for calls till it’s remaining N1.

Then you are done, start chatting on WhatsApp and Telegram for free. The only time it will stop is if you recharge..

Keep rocking and chatting on WhatsApp for free without buying social bundle.

Though it has some downsides which are;

1. It’s not very fast.

2. You can’t view video status with ease.

3. Though chatting is fast and free, sending media files sometimes makes the whole process irritating because of its slowness.

Note: tested and confirmed 💯..

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