If You Care About Your Life and Future, Never Disclose These 3 Things About Yourself

Envy is Dangerous

Most times humans tend to pour out information about themselves to people they think are close to them not knowing that the person may not take you as you do him or her. I have had such painful experience and that is the reason why I am making this eye opening article for my viewers.

In this article, I am going to enlighten you on the three(3) things about yourself or your life you should not tell anyone even your family members or blood relations.

1. Your Future Plans: this is a very sensitive information about your life and you should not try to tell anyone about it. Most times we take our future plans for granted and tell people about them not knowing that it can be hazardous or make our plans not to work out anymore. Forget superstition, people can destroy your future plans if they think it can make you bigger than them.

It is best therefore, to keep everything about your future to yourself and yourself alone. If you tell the wrong person your future plans either by mistake or Intentionally, you automatically risk scattering whatever it is. Just keep quiet about your future plans and endeavours whether they have to do with money or not, somethings are better off kept personal.

2. Your Financial Status: this is another sensitive information that is best with your bank. It is very wrong and dangerous to disclose your financial status to people even your own blood relations and siblings. It can breed; envy, hatred this two things can lead to anything. If someone is envious of you, be careful as such a person can even kill you.

Thus the need to keep mute about your financial status or the amount you have in your account. It’s best for your bank to know and no one else. Though this can be exceptional if the person is your spouse, because immediately you get married, the person’s future becomes your own future so no need for secrets. Aside from that, never disclose your financial status to any other person, be it friend, brother, sister etc.

3. Your Relationship Status: this might sound awkward but it’s something you need to take note of. Never disclose your relationship status or the happenings in your relationship to outsiders. It’s your personal matter and should remain so.

When I say relationship status I don’t mean whether your single or not only, also keep the happenings or what you’re facing in your relationship private and only between you and your spouse. It is totally wrong to disclose what is happening in your relationship to your friends as that can even lead to envy. Humans envy anything and everything especially when it’s flourishing. Don’t get too excited and pour out everything about your life to people.

Disclosing everything about yourself to people can lead to jealousy, envy, hatred or make people look down on you. Thanks!

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