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Never You Make These 3 Mistakes After a Relationship Breakup

Relationships are enjoyable when the two parties are fully compatible and love each other to a very good extent. But, in a situation where you can’t continue to be in a relationship with your partner, it’s better to call off the relationship on a smooth lane.
This is not the case with the relationship breakups we experience in reality, most former lovers break up and become enemies for no just cause and in this article, I’m going to show you three mistakes you should never make after a breakup.

1. Blocking Your Ex on Social Media: this is this is typical of most relationships in Nigeria. Immediately the partners fall out of love, they immediately eliminate or block each other on social media to prove they are no longer together. But this act is one of the most childish acts anyone can portray. Breakups are normal but you should never block your ex-lover on social media because, it’s the romantic relationship that is over and not the fact that you both are friends.

It’s very advisable to still accommodate the person on all your social media handles because you never know who might help you tomorrow. Don’t start an enmity with him or her simply because you are not together romantically anymore.

2. Speaking ill of the Person in Public: this is another highly unpleasant thing most people do when they are no longer in love or in a relationship with their ex’s. Most immature people go about castigating or unveiling what used to be secrets in the relationship simply because they have broken up. But, this is a terrible mistake and it has a link with the previous point. You never know who will be your saviour tomorrow, I have heard stories about two people that broke up, and finally got together in marriage. This cannot be achieved when you are so immature that you go about saying all sorts of unpopular things about your ex.
No matter the grounds for the breakup, it is not right and appropriate for you to go about castigating or speaking ill of your former lover. Common, thought you claimed to have loved the person? Think about it.

3. Praying and Wishing For the Person’s Downfall: this is another evil thing, most ex-lovers do. Some even go to the extent of spying on their exes to see if the person’s ambition in life is still flourishing or whether it has gone down the drain. This is very evil and uncalled for, relationship is not a do or die affair and as such, it is totally wrong carrying grudges against the person.

Don’t ever wish the person downfall or for the person to fail because it’s totally wrong and evil of you. The fact that you are no longer together doesn’t mean you won’t meet again or have anything to do with each other in future. If it’s possible, maintain a friendly relationship with the person till you find another person you love. Let peace reign!

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