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Lodpress Review: Earn as Much as $10 Every Week Sharing Your Stories and Experiences

If you are the type of person that enjoy sharing your experiences and latest happenings with people then Lodpress is for you!

What is Lodpress?

Lodpress is a platform that promises to reward writers on their platform with cash rewards for sharing their masterpiece. It is very similar to Opera news Hub but the only difference is that they appear more lucrative because the number of hits your articles will get before you get paid is not that much. All you have to do as a writer or potential writer is to gently read this article.

How Lodpress Works and How to Register as a Writer? 

Like i stated earlier, Lodpress is a platform that rewards content creators with cash for submitting original and interesting articles on their website. You get paid based on how many hits your articles get, 1000 Hits will fetch $5 in Nigeria. 

To Register on the Lodpress Website, simply click HERE  Sign up with your original details like your name, email address and simple password that you cant easily forget. (Check image guide below)

There are no verifications whatsoever, so all you need to do is login to your newly created account and start publishing articles. To submit new articles, just tap the add articles button and add your title, summary of your article and then the body and submit for review.

Article Approval Criteria:

Like every other platform, the administrators of Lodpress frown at plagiarism and any creator found to constantly plagiarize will be deactivated and excluded from the platform. According to the FAQs area of the site, you need to write original and interesting articles to earn reasonable amount on the platform.
If you enjoy your stay on the platform and wish to also bring in new people into the program, just tap on the referrals button on your dashboard and copy your referral link. When you are done copying it, send it to whoever you wish to refer and whatever amount the person earns you get as much as 20% of it!

Negative Aspects of The Platform:

  1. Lordpress does not have much users, so it will be almost impossible for a creator to get 1k hits on an article. 
  2. It is paying now but it may not pay in the nearest future because they have no means of monetization for now. A business man cant be paying out when he is not breaking even. 
  3. You have to stress yourself so much as it involves optimizing your articles for search engine.

Thats All for Lodpress Write and Earn Platform, hope you enjoyed the article? Drop your comments and also share to your friends. Thank You!

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