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MORE App Review – Earn as Much as N20,000 Socializing on MORE Tribe

More Rising Star

There is nothing more interesting than earning some cents doing what you love. If you are a social media freak or writer then MORE News Application is the perfect platform for you.

With More News App you get a chance to earn by doing what you do normally on social media applications like Facebook and the rest. The same way you post interesting contents for engagement on Facebook is the same way you are supposed to post interesting contents on More App but the difference is that you earn when people engage.
The first question that hit my mind when I heard about More News App is, do they have enough users? So, I will answer that by directing you to download the application on playstore.  More News App has over 1Million downloads on Playstore ;if you are able to post interesting contents, you will be going home every month with Upto 20,000 Naira or more. 

How to Get Started On More News Application;

  • First of all, you need to download More News Application from playstore or from HERE.
  • After downloading the app and signing up, just click the link below and select your area of interest,(entertainment, politics etc.). You will be asked a couple of questions based on your area of specialization and immediately you pass the test you will be shown a link to join one of the official WhatsApp groups. Link –
  • It’s as easy as that, immediately you join the group, send your username i.e. the name you used while signing up on the More app, and your full name and occupation to the group. The administrator will add you to the list of members. 
  • Once you are added, go back to the More News App and select Tribe (Image below)
More News Homepage

Join all tribes that pick your interest. Note that Tribes are like Facebook groups and that’s the center of everything you are doing on More. Join as many tribes as possible and start posting contents, images, videos or write-ups related to the the tribe you joined. 

For example: if you join BBN Tribe you are expected to only post gist or pictures of BBNaija housemates and also write something catchy on top so that you can get some engagements because engagement rules on More. 

How to Check Your Earnings on More News Application;

For now you can’t check your earnings as everything is calculated by the administrators. All you have to do is keep posting interesting stuff and when pay day approaches the administrators will drop a link for you to add your acct details. They pay directly into your local account. 
Types of Contents that Perform Well on More News App;
More News Engagement
– Interesting Celebrity News and Pictures. 
– Enticing Images or images of celebrities on their best attires. 
– Pictures of very beautiful ladies with good caption and for each post, ask them to follow your handle.
The more likes and comments = The more money and Mula🤣… It all boils down to your creativity as the platform has quite a huge user base. Enjoy! That’s all you need to know about Earning as a Rising Star on More News Application
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