7 thoughts on “How to Convert your Airtime to Cash Instantly with Airtime Flip Application

  1. Dear gistreals, That was good piece.
    But next time do get your facts right,
    They do have a website @www.airtimeflip.com.
    They also have online customer service.

    And why would being a Nigerian be a disadvantage.. that's very unpatriotic of you and very disappointing, just like saying gistreals is owned by a Nigerian so his posts will most likely be a scam
    And yes, they do have the lowest tarrif in Nigeria.
    Next time dear gistreals.xyz
    Please get your facts right.
    Thank you and have a great day

  2. I've heard about airtimeflip before and they do have a website, I think you should check it out, and when I complained about the charges for glo Being 35% then they directed me to research on others and they take as high as 50% so I think they really are the cheapest, when my transaction was pending I chatted them up on their support system through Jivo. I think it's really really good

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