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If You Want to Get the Attention of Your Crush, try Doing These 3 Things

Having a crush is normal and absolutely healthy but the most painful things is having a crush that doesn’t even notice you exist. There is nothing more painful than that, it can leave you frustrated and demoralized. But don’t bother yourself so much, if your crush doesn’t notice you, then there are certain things you are not getting right.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the 3 things you should consider doing if you want your crush to notice you.

1. Invest More Time on Your Appearance: this is one way of making your crush notice you. If you used to spend 1 hour making up as a lady daily, then you need to add extra effort and maybe spend 2 to 3 hours making up. Make sure you put up an outstanding appearance and you will see him or her notice you. A change or advancement in appearance works wonders.


Dress Differently: another way of getting noticed is by dressing or looking different from other people around you. If you are attending a party and know that your crush would be there too, then don’t go there on any casual wear like others. Let your dressing make you standout and your crush would certainly notice you.

3. Maintain a Good Posture: make sure whenever you are around your crush, you maintain a good posture. Don’t bend any part of your body to an extreme level to avoid appearing deformed and unpleasant to the person.

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