Giveaway V2: Answer These Questions Correctly and Win

Hello People! My Name is Goodness and I am the newest admin in the Group. Some hours ago, I announced that we are going to have a little questions and answer session to enable me become abreast with facts about Gistrealz Blog and also to aid participation in the group. 

The Giveaway like I have previously stated is going to be a question and answer giveaway and you can win unlimitedly if you are able to answer all questions accurately. 

1. When Was Gistrealz Blog Launched?(State year and month)

2. What CMS is Gistrealz Blog Running on? 

3. According to Gistrealz Admin, he has changed URL thrice before settling down for this If you type the previous links correctly, you will receive a huge airtime giveaway. 

4. When was the Gistrealz Official Group created? 

5. What do you dislike about Gistrealz? Please be honest while answering; this is 2021, we need to improve.

6. What have you gained since you joined the Gistrealz WhatsApp group?

7. Are you enjoying the Gistrealz Official WhatsApp Group? 

8 Why haven’t you Joined the Telegram Channel yet? (valid reasons will be rewarded) If you haven’t simply Click the animated button above..

9. Do you want us to post on Other categories? We are open to suggestions. 

Note: Winners will be selected randomly! Only honest inputs would be rewarded i.e. for questions requiring your honest opinions.

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2 thoughts on “Giveaway V2: Answer These Questions Correctly and Win

  1. 1. 2019 July
    2. Blogger
    3. , ,
    4. 2019
    5. No female in the group, add more tech inclined humans abeg ��
    6. Giveaway ��, cheat, new information, friends
    7. Hell yeah
    8. I've joined the telegram, but I didn't see any animated image o
    9. Try creating or using Twitter ��

    P.s: my handle is @rhonnie_kr ��

  2. 1. July 2019
    3. i.
    4. 2019
    5. Nothing much
    6. Cheat (s), cracking my ribs , entertainment, enjoyment, giveaway
    7. Yes very much
    8. Have joined the telegram group since July last year
    9. We should create group on others social media platforms like twitter,facebook,instagram,discord
    And also that telegram group no place to chat
    That is all
    Mobile number: 08130501797

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