Story: After 3 Years Of Dating, I Found Out My Fiancee Was Married With Kids

 This story is a lesson, especially for ladies. Please read to the end.

I was walking home one evening, a gentleman walked straight towards me, I promised not to give him attention if he asked for my contact or tell me I was beautiful like most guys do.

But, he greeted me and just asked for a certain address. I explained the place to him, he didn’t seem to understand, I decided to take him there myself since it was a few blocks away from my house.

On the way, he started a conversation with me, and I began to like him. He was funny and nice. I wanted him to ask for my contact, but he didn’t. I was surprised, most guys take the slightest opportunity to ask for a girl’s contact, but his case was different.

A few days later, I saw him at the same place, I asked him what he was doing there, he said he was looking for a house to rent. He got a house a few days later and he started staying close.

We got closer and started dating. He told me he was willing to marry me, but only if I could wait, he told me, he was expecting a lot of money. And promised me we were going to get married and leave the country.

I suggested he should introduce me to his parents, but he turned it down, he claimed that if his parents knew he was in a relationship, they would want him to marry immediately.

I agreed to wait, days turned to weeks and weeks to months and years. We dated for 3 years. I got feed up I wanted to break up, but I just couldn’t, I was too attached to him.

Mark kept promising to marry me, I noticed he was always traveling, he claimed it was the nature of his job, little did I know he had a family in another state.

One evening, I bought some things to cook, I was supposed to cook for Mark. I decided to branch to his place before going home.

Immediately entered his house, I saw a woman in his sitting room, I was surprised, She asked me who I was, I told her I was Mark’s girlfriend.

She laughed strangely, she told me I have been dupped, she is Mark’s wife and they had 3 kids already. She showed me their photos on her phone.

I was confused, Mark was in the room, he knew I was around and refused to come out. The woman said she couldn’t come all this while because of her kids, but now she found someone to take care of them.

I was in tears. I left the house immediately and went back home, I deleted his contact and never crossed paths with him again. I wasted 3 years of my life on false hopes.

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